September 16, 2023


Fårö's big season finale

Fårönatta is an annual cultural event organized by Fårö Framtid in collaboration with the entrepreneurs on the island. It started as an evening event on the third Saturday in September but has grown to include the entire weekend with activities both during the day and in the evening. The whole of Fårö is open with farm shops, shops, cafés & restaurants, concerts, art exhibitions, markets and accommodation, etc. Fårö Framtid arranges buses on Saturday evenings that run shuttle service every half hour for free trips between the various places and activities. Programs for Fårönatta are produced by the association and published here for download.


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Fårönatta 2023

This year's edition of Fårönatta will take place on September 16. Book any ferry journey and accommodation in time.

Last year's program is available for download here! . Follow us on Facebook for more information.

For last year's English version click here.

Participation of Fårönatta

All entrepreneurs and private individuals are encouraged to open their doors to the public. If there will be food service, entertainment or a flea market. Everything is always appreciated! And the more we have to offer our guests, the more sides of Fårö we can show.

SEK 100 - Raffle
SEK 500 – Company/Private person
SEK 1,500 – Restaurant

Sign up by filling in this form.
The last date for registration is August 15.

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