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DO YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN SOMETHING NEW ON FÅRÖ? We are now hiring staff for AUSTERS Kök & Bar, which opens at Sudersand this spring. We are looking for chefs, serving and bar staff for seasonal and hourly employment during the period May - September. We will serve lunch from Easter to the Halloween weekend and also à la carte together with a bar between week 23 - 38. Location: Sudersand, Fårö Scope: Seasonal and hourly employment between May - September Salary: According to the Green National Agreement Contact: info @ austers. se It is a great advantage if you can solve accommodation yourself nearby, as it can be difficult to find on Fårö during the high season. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested, it will be a summer to remember.

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We have probably all walked along the beach and seen a dead seal lying on the water's edge. It's never a beautiful sight. The question is then… Should you do something about it? What can you do? We contacted Region Gotland and talked to Niklas Rane who is the Environmental Protection Inspector at Region Gotland and he said this: "Unfortunately, seals float up a bit everywhere and preferably you should leave them, but it is difficult when it happens at one of the popular If this happens, you should contact the landowner or the community association if they have indicated that they are responsible. " He adds:
"If you do not know who is responsible for the land, you can contact the Gotland region. You should also do this if you see more than 3 seals dead in the same place. Then something is wrong. If you need information about other animals, we recommend I to check out: Advice on wild animals l County Administrative Board Gotland."
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